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2019 is set to be an impactful year for the Vermillion Trails Alliance. We have listed our priorities below for Trail Head Park that we will need volunteers for. Dates for volunteer opportunities will be released soon. If you would like to be notified please complete our volunteer form below. 

Prioritization of items to be accomplished in 2019:

  1. Install parking lot

  2. Remove ties to the first bridge on the trail, level off and lay aggregate

  3. Finish mulching trees, install wire around trees and continue watering

  4. Finish clearing creek area, burn brush, prep the prairie grass area

  5. Pour concrete for the pavilion

  6. Construction of the pavilion 

  7. Investigate erosion control

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703 W. Park St.

Cayuga, IN  47928

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TEL: 765-492-9153  

E-MAIL: vermilliontrails@gmail.com

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