Trail Safety and Courtesy




To keep the trail enjoyable and safe for everyone, there are a few rules for using the Vermillion County Trails:

Trail Rules

  • No motorize vehicles. The trail is intended for pedestrian and bicycle traffic only.

  • Trail open from dawn to dusk. Don’t use the trail at night.

  • If you stop, get off the trail. Always allow other users to pass on the left.

  • Keep animals under control. Keep pets on a 6′ leash, walk your pets on the trail shoulder, and clean up their waste.

  • Wear a helmet for bicycle safety.

  • Do not trespass on private property.

  • Obey all trail signs and rules.

Trail Courtesy

  • Keep trail clean – leave no trace. Remember that if you pack it in, you should pack it out. If you see trash, please pick it up.

  • Cyclist and skaters must yield to pedestrians. Warn trail users as you approach from behind, for example, “On your left.”

  • Respect private property and other trail users. Stay on the trail.

  • Shared courtesies mean shared enjoyment for all.

  • Report problems to Vermillion County Sheriffs Dept. 765-492-3838

In case of emergency, call 911

Know your location

  • Know your limitations!

  • Keep mode of transportation in good condition.

  • Check for maintenance problems before you start out.

  • Wear proper clothing and safety attire.